I'm Juan Lulkin, a philosopher, entrepreneur with experience in social ventures, programmer with passion for UIs & occasional writer and speaker.


Skill without imagination ... gives us many useful objects such as wickerwork picnic baskets. Imagination without skill gives us modern art.
Tom Stoppard

I've been drawn to functional programming for more than a decade. Nowadays I'm mainly working with front end technologies, like React & Elm. I'm writing React Design Patterns.

I have built a couple of startups that were very seminal in Brazil's social entrepreneurship scene.

I worked with and helped build Rails' community since '05, when I started my own consultancy that lasted till '09.

I've been an agile advocate since '03, teached and coached dozens of developers and managed several teams delivering high value results.


When you don't create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. Your tastes only narrow & exclude people. So create.
_Why the Lucky Stiff

2013 - * Working at Klarna's Tel Aviv office as a Front End Tech Lead. Built Klarna's US user portal and helped several teams migrate to React and share basic UI elements.

If I had to build a developers dream team, Juan would probably be one of them. He's a very smart and nice guy and he is very comfortable to work with. He likes to help and you can learn a lot working with him. I hope our paths will cross again in the future. Elad Maimon

2012-2013 Board at Pipa.vc. Pipa was the first acceleration program for socially conscious startups in Brazil. Helped startups build their MVPs and start the right way.

Engagers fraternizing at the beach. I'm the one throwing a frisbee.

2010-2013 Founded Engage, a dream-team consulting firm focused on tech for social innovation. Engage is a partner of Catarse.me, the biggest crowdfunding platform in LATAM. Worked with clients such as Purpose (creators of Avaaz.org), TIM and Ruth Cardoso Center (ex-president Fernando Henrique's social initiative).

Maiz is the kind of person who does not fit this squared recommendation field. Maiz is where wisdom, purpose and technical mastery meet. This is so rare and unusual that it becomes impossible to describe how thankful I am for all the moments we have spent together.

If you really have the courage to interact with someone who deeply knows what ethics mean and who will surely do things better than you will ever judge as possible, you may be prepared to work with him. Igor Oliveira

2009-2013 Founded Mailee.me, an award winning e-mail marketing platform, later sold to a big hosting company in Brazil. Here's my 6″ pitch for a startup demo event (pt-BR).

An excellent tool. If you're a designer, study it to learn how to create an attractive experience. If you're a product developer, look how they have created a complete, well documented package with a great finish. A great reference for any SaaS product. Fabio Akita (akitaonrails) ... a consistent interface, cool features and many other positive aspects. It may seem funny that an email marketing startup is among year's top, but believe me, they really have a level of quality no other company in this market can offer around here. Diego Gomes

2005-2009 Founded Softa, a consulting and development firm. Softa was seminal in building Ruby on Rails', agile's and startups' local communities.

Maiz is one of the most brilliant IT people I had the pleasure to work with. He's a terrific developer and entrepreneur and has a great eye for design. I can truly say that I learned a lot while working with him. Leonardo Tartari A limitless mind. A point out of the curve. Who knows or works with Juan is never the same again. I've learned a lot with him in the period we worked together. A guy with talent, courage and determination. Jarismar Silva



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